Tech One Cloud Backups

At Tech One we believe in proactively taking measures against data loss. Our solutions meet the specific budget and needs of our clients. Our backup solutions are run automatically in the background, and your day will not be interrupted. With our solutions, you can have the peace of mind that your data remains secure. Having your data securely backed up and quickly accessible to restore in the midst of a data loss disaster is essential to the continuity of your business.


SOHO Backup Plan - <20GB

This plan is perfect for the Small Office/Home Office users that are looking for a backup solution that won’t break the bank.

Small Business Starter plan - 20-50GB

The Small Business Starter Plan is perfect for most small businesses in our area, offering enough storage for all your business needs.

Business Plan - 50-100GB

The Business backup plan is for businesses that have specific software or servers that are looking for offsite backup solutions.

Professional Plan - 100-200GB

This plan provides the storage needed for today’s professionals that are looking to back up a lot of audio/video or photography files.

Professional Plus Plan - 200-500GB

This plan plays on the same qualities as the Professional Plan but for those looking for even MORE storage.

Looking for a backup solutions but not sure your are ready to put your information online, talk to us about a local server or NAS storage device to keep your information secure from disaster.